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Our mission

Managing from A to Z, a smooth, fast and cost effective worldwide repatriation of human remains from/to China is our exclusive concern and commitment.
We are an independent multinational team with over 15 years experience in
international repatriations.
Based in China, we consider effective communication and accurate information to
be a significant competitive edge.
We are member of FIAT-IFTA, the world organisation of funeral operatives. 

Our services

Our services apply to inbound and outbound:

- coordination between the parties involved (hospital, police, funeral home, funeral directors, notary public, Ministry of
  Foreign Affairs, Embassy/Consulate, insurer, employer, travel agent, family
- all formalities with local government, foreign Embassies/Consulates
- instruct funeral homes (embalming or cremation)
- supply of approved coffin and urn
- export or/and import customs and quarantine clearance
- transportation of personal effects
- daily progress reporting

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